Payday Loan Abroad – How?


Anyone who is denied a loan in the country must resort to a private loan abroad in an absolute emergency. While banks in the country grant loans sometimes harder, credit is not valued abroad.

Conditions of the loan

Conditions of the loan

A Payday Loan abroad offers further advantages: The house bank is not informed of this, since no entry is made in the credit. In addition, there are no such high demands on the borrower, who therefore has to provide less evidence – annoying paperwork is reduced!

Austria and Switzerland are particularly popular for a Payday Loan abroad. Since banks from the federal states do not have access due to legal regulations, they have to take other precautions for their security.

As a rule, citizenship must be proven by a passport and the age must be at least 18 years. Proof of conscription or conscientious objection must also be provided for those under the age of 23. There should also be a permanent employment relationship with at least six months of employment. The wages should also have been paid into the applicant’s checking account. This is how the bank checks the creditworthiness and seriousness of the customer.

In return, the international loan offers absolute anonymity, since no one knows about the process.

Limitations of loan

Limitations of loanLimitations of loan

Switzerland is the most sought-after nation for a Payday Loan abroad. In other countries, the legal framework should be observed. It is important to pay attention to hidden costs, since in some countries it is law that not all costs have to be disclosed. Extremely low interest rates and similar offers try to attract customers, but be sure to read the general conditions!

As with a normal loan, some banks should be compared with each other – be it in person or on the phone.

The biggest limitation for a Payday Loan abroad is the amount of the loan. This is usually limited to 3,500 dollars, which is much too small a sum for larger requirements. Therefore, such a loan should be used for smaller requests such as a vacation.
Before you take out the loan, you should pay attention to the interest. Since the loan is taken out abroad, foreign exchange losses can occur. If the loan is taken out in dollars, a sudden drop in exchange rates can lead to unforeseen losses. Banks often charge high fees.