10 Characters Who Belong In Other Movies

Released in September 2012, Hotel Transylvania was so successful that 3 more films followed. Hotel Transylvania centered on a group of mythological monsters who stay in a resort dedicated to their well-being, far from the dangers of human civilization.

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Countless characters are drawn from creepy lore and literature, including vampires, mummies, Frankenstein, werewolves, and the invisible man. Nevertheless, the story is teeming with charming personalities who bring their charming universe to life. As the franchise continues, Hotel Transylvania created many characters that could belong to other films or headline their own productions.

ten Mavis’ story shares similarities with Ariel

Mavis, Johnny and Dracula-Hotel Transylvania

Mavis is the only child of Count Dracula and his late wife Martha. When Hotel Transylvania begins, Mavis celebrates her 118th birthday and tries to convince her father to introduce her to the human world. When Johnny wanders into his father’s hotel by accident, Mavis immediately “zings” with him and doesn’t care when she finds out about his human status.

With her interest in humans, her status as the daughter of the esteemed Dracula, and her cursed romance with Johnny, Mavis’ character and storyline resemble Ariel from The little Mermaid. Much like Ariel, Mavis encounters her father’s disapproval over her interests but ultimately receives her happy ending.

9 Johnny’s character arc and storyline is ostensibly mundane as Emmet Brickowski

Johnny, Hotel Transylvania

As an unfortunate, fully human character who stumbles into Hotel Transylvania not realizing the supernatural line he’s crossed, Johnny is often out of his depth. With his laid back personality and adventurous tendencies, Johnny is a relaxed and carefree guy. His character is ridiculously mundane compared to the chaotic, otherworldly nature of everything around him. Johnny looks a lot like Emmet Brickowski from The Lego Movie.

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It’s the point of his character and the crux of his story as he struggles to fit in with the monster world while trying to appease Mavis’ father. The normalcy of his arc almost seems to imply that humans and monsters are more alike than first thought.

8 Martha’s story is a flipped universal monster story

Dracula and Martha

When Mavis was a child, Martha, Dracula’s beloved wife, was killed by an angry mob who wanted them dead because they were vampires. When Johnny tells a legend inspired by their story, it is conveyed as a tragic love story with abstract illustrations, adapted Hotel Transylvaniawhimsical style.

When Dracula tells the true version of events, the flashbacks are rough and gruesome, with no underlying comedy. Martha’s disappearance is more like the goth atmosphere of old Universal Monster movies like Frankenstein (1931) or Dracula (1931), except that the monster is the innocent victim.

7 Fran Drescher’s voice makes Eunice sound like a rom-com addition

Eunice with her husband Frank, Dracula and Dennis

A loving and opinionated woman, Eunice is Frankenstein’s wife and acts as a mother figure to Mavis. She is voiced by Fran Drescher, best known for her role as Fran Fine in the television sitcom The nanny. Drescher also starred in the 1997 romantic comedy The beautician and the beast, which has elements similar to The nanny.

With his signature cadence and accent, Drescher can add an entertaining note and a light breeze to any role. Eunice is no exception. Eunice also has the sensible attitudes of Drescher’s other characters and flashy dress sense, making Eunice one of Drescher’s Queens-based romantic comedy characters.

6 Quasimodo is a character resembling a black buffalo beak

Johnny and Quasimodo, Hotel Transylvania

Based on The Hunchback of Notre DameAn eponymous character, Quasimodo is a violent and picky perfectionist. He is obsessed with keeping everything running smoothly in his kitchen and goes after his staff. His attempts to kill and cook Johnny for being human is a surprisingly dark plot point for a children’s movie.

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With his desire to hurt humans, his psychopathic tendencies, his sinister tone, and his relentless pursuit of what he wants, Quasimodo shares some characteristics in common with those of Buffalo Bill from Thesilenceofthelambs. Much like Buffalo Bill, while Quasimodo is technically the main antagonist, he’s subsumed by more memorable aspects of Hotel Transylvania when it appears.

5 Wayne is the werewolf version of Mr. Incredible

Wayne, Hotel Transylvania

Contrary to typical werewolf expectations, Wayne is an exhausted, cynical father with many excitable children, a perpetually pregnant wife, and a 9-5 data-processing job. Lamenting the loss of skills since he was in his prime, Wayne feels like someone going through a midlife crisis.

Wayne would be perfect in The Incredibles with his similarities to Mr. Incredible, a man dissatisfied with the state of his current life. Mr. Incredible also rediscovers his deep love and appreciation for his family when he sets out to find what he thinks he has lost. However, while feeling lost, both characters demonstrate that they are still kind-hearted men.

4 Winnie’s ambition is something Legally Blonde

Winnie the Werewolf, Hotel Transylvania

Daughter of Wayne and Wanda, Winnie immediately distinguished herself in Hotel Transylvania for his hyper-sensitive sense of smell. Her popularity has led to a greater focus in sequels, and her future relationship with Johnny and Mavis’ son, Dennis, is in the works. While their relationship deserves its own story, Winnie also declares her desire to go to business school and be a career woman.

It could be her own inspirational movie for girls and women like The revenge of a blonde, where the female protagonist struggles against expectations to achieve her career goals. In Winnie’s case, her supernatural identity could function as her obstacle against human perspectives.

3 Griffin’s powers mean he’d be perfect on Halloween

Griffin's glasses

Considering he’s already an unsympathetic character from HG Wells The invisible Man, Griffin’s potential to be darker is no shock. Fortunately, in Hotel TransylvaniaGriffin was written as humiliating, kind, and harmless.

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Even so, his invisible nature prompts uncomfortable questions about how far he could go with his powers if he had less of a moral compass and had to remove his glasses. The ability for Griffin to monitor and track undetected people means he would be a perfect addition to the Halloween series. In Halloween, Michale Myers can track and stalk his victims before he strikes.

2 The Kraken shares traits with Godzilla when mind controlled

on both sides of the kraken, Hotel Transylvania 3

Appearing in Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, the Kraken lives in Atlantis and regularly serenades visitors who arrive on Legacy, the cruise ship. Since Hotel Transylvania the films are not musicals, he stands out from the outset by his grandiloquent performance.

The Kraken can be hypnotized and encouraged to go wild by playing certain scores. When this happens, the Kraken feels like it belongs in a more conventional monster movie such as Godzilla Where Cloverfield. Screaming vacationers trying to avoid the carnage only accentuate the similarities.

1 Johnny’s Parents Could Be From My Big Greek Marriage

Mavis, Johnny and her parents - Hotel Transylvania 2

Much like their son, Johnny’s parents are extremely “normal” and have no previous experience or knowledge of the supernatural world. As they accept Mavis as Johnny’s love in Hotel Transylvania 2 and try to make her feel welcome, their actions show some prejudice towards Mavis’ background.

Without meanness, Johnny’s parents fill a corner of the room with stereotypical Halloween decor. Such misunderstandings are found in movies like Meet the parents Where My Fat Greek Wedding where parents struggle to be sensitive to new additions to the family, especially when they come from unfamiliar backgrounds.

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