A ‘horrible’ hotel ‘not even fit for animals’ is so bad that guests have set up a support group


Carly Denham brought equally upset guests from the New Royal Windsor Hotel in Blackpool after suffering a miserable stay with her family in August

Guests of the New Royal Windsor Hotel have come together to share their pain

Disgruntled hotel guests have formed a support group after enduring miserable stays this summer.

Carly Denham launched the Facebook page as a space for like-minded vacationers to share their woes over the New Royal Windsor Hotel in Blackpool.

Since doing so earlier this week, the page has been inundated with posts from disgruntled guests lambasting the location, Lancashire Live reported.

Carly’s personal tale of disappointment after making the two-hour trip to East Derby with her partner, kids, friends and a friend’s kids.

She said their weekend was “absolutely ruined” by the hotel and the “hell vacation” left her in tears.

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Some parts of the ceiling looked slightly crooked

Speaking of her £ 548 stay, Carly said: “The minute we walked through I thought ‘oh my god’, I turned to my friend and we both thought, what? -what it is?”

After trying and failing to find another place to stay online, the nine-member party vowed to try and make the most of it.

It turned out to be difficult from the start when told their rooms weren’t ready due to a broken mirror the night before.

When Carly’s friend’s room became available, they said the old “broken mirror” had just “been thrown out the window, there was broken glass everywhere.”

She said her friend then went to the bathroom so she couldn’t find toilet paper and when she turned on the light, “electricity blew through the room.”

Carly said: “She went downstairs to report it, he (a staff member) came up and told her the room was destroyed and it wasn’t her fault.

“If she wanted to move the kids to separate rooms – like that was something you would do – then she would have to pay £ 50, even though she had just paid £ 300 for the room.

Carly claims the mirror was thrown out the window

Carly’s friend asked the hotel if they were “laughing” and said they had faced “threats” to remove them from the property.

Finally leaving the hotel at 6 pm, Carly felt that the day had been “wasted” trying to arrange their accommodation.

She said: “I boiled the kettle on the floor and washed my toddler in the sink.

“Due to the horrible experience, we tried to spend as much time as possible away from the hotel.

The two families made it to the pier where Carly tried to pay for something with her card, then finding there was no money to pay.

After checking her mobile banking services, she allegedly discovered that the hotel had charged her an additional £ 50.

Carly said her partner then returned to the hotel to ask why they were charged.

The hotel kettle in Carly’s room

They were reportedly told they had “extra people in the room” to which they replied “we have two children, why would we do that?”

Carly then said they were accused of smoking in their bedroom, which she denies.

Her partner asked for a refund and they were told he would be paid tomorrow, she claimed, but the money has not yet arrived.

“I came home and I was just crying, I felt so bad for my kids – I was apologizing to my own kids because I was thinking what I just took my kids to,” Carly said.

“I wouldn’t even let an animal sleep in there, a rat couldn’t even sleep in there.”

Since returning home, Carly has set up a referral group for the other guests.

In the past 24 hours alone, it has inspired dozens of comments.

“Honestly awful, the worst place we have ever stayed,” wrote one woman.

Carly said the switches were dirty

“There was no hot water, grime everywhere, drunks everywhere arguing, a broken door not closing properly, trash bags spilling onto the floor in the hallways (one even had a buffer that had fallen).

“We drove in and someone totally out of their face (as the hotel let people drink excessively) peed right in front of me and my kids in the car.”

The hotel has two stars on TripAdvisor, with over 300 ‘Terrible’ reviews.

A guest wrote: “I grew up with if you don’t have anything nice to say just take it easy … but this hotel is a major exception!

“Please don’t book this hotel. It’s dirty everywhere, rude staff, terrible breakfast. I have stayed in many budget hotels but there is no excuse for these standards.”

A Blackpool Council spokesperson said he had recently received a complaint about the New Royal Windsor Hotel, saying: “We have only recently received a complaint and if a client of a business has a problem we will look into it” .

The Royal Windsor Hotel has since contacted guests to apologize and offer an explanation.

“We apologize and are very sorry to hear that our other guests have been upset,” a statement from the hotel read.

“We are doing our best to improve the level and service provided by this hotel. Our hotel is already undergoing renovations, which together with the continuous training of the staff will significantly improve our level and service during the winter period.

“Please keep in mind that a large part of our staff are on leave and as with other hospitality venues we are unable to recruit staff from anywhere in the UK.”

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