Derby man charged with severely beating woman at local hotel | Local News

BRATTLEBORO – A Derby man is accused of severely beating a woman at a Brattleboro hotel, resulting in injuries including brain hemorrhage, punctured lung, fractures to her face, bones around her eyes, to her sternum and to his rib cage, as well as bruises all over his body.

According to the Windham County State’s Attorney’s Office, 21-year-old Preston Lawson will be charged with a recidivism.

He is being held on $15,000 bail for violating his parole.

“Upon further review of the information, it would be appropriate to have a restraint without bond here,” Windham Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Mann said. “There is a serious risk of leakage presented in this case and based on the allegations, at least to date, without a hearing of evidence, there is no reasonable expectation of an ability to protect the community from this kind of behavior.”

A bail hearing has been set for Friday.

Lawson was charged with one count of first-degree aggravated assault with a prior aggravated assault conviction and one count of first-degree aggravated assault.

Lawson’s prior convictions include first-degree aggravated domestic assault, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and burglary in an occupied dwelling, all from 2019.

During his arraignment, Lawson asked the judge when he could see the woman he is accused of assaulting.

“I have never done wrong [the woman]Lawson told the judge. “She’s all I have on this planet…”

Lawson also called the woman his “goddess.”

He also told the court he expected the woman to show up in court to post the $15,000 bail imposed Wednesday night for violating her parole.

“If I understand correctly,” Mann said, “[she is] I’m not coming… [she is] not physically able to come.

The woman was transported to Brattleboro Memorial Hospital and then transferred to Albany Medical Center (NY), where she is being treated in the intensive care unit.

According to an affidavit filed by Brattleboro Police Detective Colby Kerylow, police responded to a Brattleboro hotel after a 911 call was made just after 6 p.m. Wednesday.

Upon arriving at the hotel, officers found Lawson and a seriously injured woman in one of the rooms.

“Lawson said they were ‘beaten very badly by three people,'” Kerylow wrote, adding that it may have been because he identified a drug dealer in Springfield to his county probation officer. of Windsor.

He also said they wanted $2,000 to leave him and the woman alone.

“Lawson said he was knocked down and kicked three or four times in the stomach and ‘hammer-fisted’ through the eyes,” Kerylow wrote. “It should be noted that while I was speaking with Lawson at the police department, I did not observe any injuries to Lawson’s face. I also observed that Lawson’s right hand was swollen, but I also observed this which appeared to be marks, indicating intravenous drug use, on the tops of Lawson’s hands.

Lawson also told police he called 911, but a check of records revealed it was in fact the woman who made the call.

During a search of the hotel room, the police found several white towels, white sheets and white pillows with blood on them.

“At the head of the bed, there was a stain of blood that went through the mattress. Throughout the room there were several areas that had blood splatter including the walls, nightstands, heat sink, bathroom areas, and closet and bathroom doors” , wrote Kerylow.

About two hours before the 911 call, the local dispatcher received a request from a man asking them to perform a wellness check on a couple at the hotel.

The man told police that Lawson and the woman were trying to blackmail him for money and that they said if he didn’t deposit money in their bank account they were going to kill themselves by doing a drug overdose.

The man asked for the welfare check because he “feared the two would go ahead with their plan,” Kerylow wrote.

On a recording of a 5 p.m. phone call between Lawson and the man who applied for the welfare check, Lawson can be heard saying, “You’re just a little girl and believe “I will strangle you with my bare hands until you can’t breathe…” according to the affidavit.

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