Enter the Obsidian Hotel in a new clip from Umbrella Academy Season 3

Enter the Obsidian Hotel in a new clip from Umbrella Academy Season 3

Messing with space-time didn’t just rob The Umbrella Academy of its superhero status. He also took away their house. Now that their father’s mansion is fully occupied by their Sparrow Academy doppelgangers, the team needs a new place to lay low while planning their next move. Fortunately, Robert Sheehan’s Klaus has the perfect base of operations in mind… Umbrella Academy season 3 clip

During today’s Geeked Week event, Netflix released a new clip from The Umbrella Academy season 3 that reveals a key location from the upcoming episodes: Hotel Obsidian, a name that should sound familiar to fans of Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá’s original comic book series. In the clip, Klaus gives us a glimpse of the hotel’s history, saying that it has hosted several world leaders (including a few dictators) during their visits to the United States. Now it’s a place where the dregs of society can hide from the law. But since the Hargreeves family has never been good at keeping a low profile, that’s easier said than done.

You can watch the new season’s clip below.

The name “Hotel Obsidian” is almost definitely a reference to Hotel Oblivion, an interdimensional prison from Way and Bá’s comics that housed many of the Umbrella Academy’s deadliest enemies. In this incarnation, however, he does not appear to have any supernatural characteristics. But since the title of Season 3’s final episode is “Oblivion,” we can safely assume there’s more to this “old bitch” than meets the eye.

The Umbrella Academy season 3 arrives on Netflix on June 22.

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