Enzo Amore recalls Big Cass trying to kill himself in a hotel and finding 30 empty beer cans, an empty Jack Daniels bottle and some wine

Former WWE star nZo (Enzo Amore) appeared on Busted Open Radio today to talk about his best friend William Morrissey’s AEW Dynamite debut. During the interview, nZo detailed some of what Morrissey went through during his darkest days and said that Morrissey had attempted suicide.

nZo said the following:

“My tag team partner, William Morrissey, as introduced to us on AEW television, has been through hell that is so real, most people don’t understand until they see it, or have it, or have it affect them and their lives.. I’ve seen it at its absolute worst.

“At a time when the world thought Big Cass and I were no longer friends and hated each other, they had no idea what Cass was going through and I was there to witness it. never really talked and he made his fight very public, he worked on a DDPY video to inspire people.

“Here is a guy who tried to kill himself. When I say tried to kill himself man one time I walked into a hotel I had to convince security and the people at the hotel to let me in through that fucking room door because Cass was out there trying to kill himself. There were 30 empty beer cans and wine bottles and the completely empty liter bottles of Jack Daniels.

“I threw him in my car and we drove because he couldn’t make it from Chicago on a flight to New York. We had to stop at hospitals because he was retiring. But you know what? We stopped and went to Notre Dame. I’m a huge Notre Dame fan and just wanted to go see Notre Dame. I thought that was fucked up, man. I said, ‘Cass, I don’t know what to do for you. I can not help you. You must want to do it yourself, but you need Jesus. I don’t know what you need. But maybe there is a certain Jesus involved. Maybe there is something that can help you here. We have to go pray.

“I drove to Notre Dame and went to the chapel there and I had never seen it. It’s so beautiful. It’s amazing. I’m a huge Notre Dame fan So it was weird that I always had big dreams of going to see a football game there and here I am with Big Cass. I’m walking around campus. So Big Cass stumbles and we go to the church and we pray. I’ll never forget that day and that ride. We got back to New York and he checked himself into the hospital and went to rehab. He treated an illness that’s as real as everything I’ve ever seen, to the point where I couldn’t imagine this thing was real, and then I figured it out.

Morrissey has made an incredible turnaround in his life and he received great reviews for his match on AEW Dynamite this week. His match also reportedly impressed the folks at WWE.

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