Family give up £18,000 dream vacation after luxury hotel is taken over by non-stop adults-only party

A family cut short their stay at an £18,000 luxury hotel in Antigua shortly after a non-stop adults-only festival took over their building for the final five days of their dream holiday. Kerry Cox visited the Caribbean island with her husband and two children.

Kerry and her family were looking forward to a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, having booked the Royalton Hotel’s Diamond Club package, complete with private butler. Upon arriving in Antigua, the family was blown away by the beauty of the resort town, as well as the beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.

However, their getaway took an unexpected turn for the worse when Kerry discovered that a 24-hour adults-only festival would take over the hotel in the middle of their vacation, reports The Mirror.

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Although the party was booked well in advance, the family said hotel supplier Virgin Holidays did not notify them. The non-stop event included a foam and paint pool party, a neon swimsuit party and several DJs.

The mother-of-two was furious that her children, aged 10 and 16, were surrounded by adults drinking and partying rather than a relaxing atmosphere where they could relax and unwind on the sun loungers after two difficult years.

Kerry, from Kettering, Northamptonshire, said: “The party is 24 hours a day so even if we were out in the daytime we would come back to the parties. I have two children. You come on a family holiday and expect a family resort.

“A neon beach party and Ibiza-style foam party is not what I have reserved for a family resort. It is my job as a mother to protect my children. With parties planned for every location in the hotel, on the beach and at the pool, where can I take my family?

Kerry contacted both hotel representatives and Virgin’s UK customer helpline, unhappy with their suggestion that the family go on day trips to get away from the party. She continued, “As a family, we were offered up to $100 each, but days averaged $150 per person.

“You compare that to what we spent on the hotel. Virgin didn’t want to sort it out, they handed us over to the hotel’s sales manager, who wasn’t responsible for Virgins selfish lies. If it was just my husband and I we would have stayed and enjoyed it.”

Kerry and her family

After many back and forths, the Coxes were moved to a nearby hotel. At this point, they had to turn down another option because there were stairs and Kerry’s husband was suffering from heart disease.

Kerry explained: “In the end we just had to move, so we took Virgin’s suggestion. On arrival it was horrible, and our room was infested with rodents, with droppings no rodents in the room. I was expecting the same but it was disgusting. When you go through Covid and money is tight… This is not an average vacation.

“It’s once in a lifetime. You trusted a reputable tour operator like Virgin, but all they did was take our money, rob us and ruin our holiday.”

The family were then taken back to the Royalton Hotel for one night before Virgin moved them to Blue Water Bay, Kerry said. Although she says it wasn’t her first hotel choice and they feel disappointed with Virgin, they plan to stay there for the rest of their vacation.

A spokesperson for Virgin Holidays said: “We sincerely apologize to Ms Cox and her family for any disruption or inconvenience caused to their holiday in Antigua. Our teams have been in contact with them to discuss their options. and moved them to an upgraded property to ensure they enjoy the rest of their vacation.”


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