Filming location is The Roosevelt in New York – DIRT

A recent New York Times headline boldly pondered, “Can Jennifer Lopez save the Rom-Com?” In the article below, author Nicole Sperling argues that the Hollywood multihyphenate’s new film, “Marry Me,” which hits both theaters and the Peacock streaming service today, has the potential to “make relive a genre that was left for dead by the studio system and rom-com stars of the past. I had no idea the genre needed reclaiming, but I guess if anyone is up to it, She’s JLo! A true romantic comedy queen with stalwarts such as “The Wedding Planner”, “Monster-in-law” and “The Back-Up Plan” under her belt, she certainly has the Carry on at confirm the NYT claim!

And let’s not forget Sony Pictures’ 2002 offering “Maid in Manhattan,” arguably one of Lopez’s most popular romantic comedies, which sees the star step into the shoes of housekeeper Marisa Ventura. of the exclusive The Beresford Hotel who inadvertently tricks a handsome guest, New York State Assemblyman Christopher Marshall (Ralph Fiennes), into thinking she’s a wealthy socialite, then begins a romance with him. According to IMDBthe film is partly inspired by the real love story of millionaire Steven Clark Rockefeller, son of then New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller, who married Anne-Marie Rasmussen, one of his family’s domestic helpers.

Originally slated to be shot in Chicago with John Hughes at the helm, the directing duties of “Maid in Manhattan” eventually passed to Wayne Wang (of “The Joy Luck Club” and “Last holidays” fame) and filming moved to New York, with the iconic Waldorf Astoria taking center stage as The Beresford, the accommodation at the heart of the story. Although several location websites claim that the Waldorf only appeared in the exterior shots of the fictional inn in the film and that the now defunct Roosevelt Hotel was used for the interiors, this is not not the case. The interior of the Beresford was a combination of the actual internal spaces of the Waldorf, as well as sets built by set designer Jane Musky at Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens.

But The Roosevelt makes a few appearances in “Maid in Manhattan.” Playing itself, the luxury accommodation is where Marisa is hired at the end of the film after losing her job at the Beresford once her highly frowned upon romance with Christopher comes to light. And the place is truly a sight to behold!

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