First “On Wheels” hotel room opens in New York’s Hudson Valley


The “very first hotel room on wheels” will soon open in the Hudson Valley.

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Moliving In. Recently unveiled its first model unit at the future site of Hurley House, a luxury eco-resort located in the Hudson Valley.

Moliving Inc. founder and CEO Jordan Bem notes:

The traditional hotel development model has been proven for generations. Now, travel habits and behaviors have changed dramatically. We are leading the change with our mobile units and proprietary technology to continue to adapt. Moliving is accommodating by design, its flexibility feeds the desire to roam free, helping the industry accommodate today’s nomadic and adventure-seeking traveler who still desires all the benefits of traditional five-star accommodation. .

Moliving units can be easily set up and relocated with minimal disruption to the environment while still maintaining a luxury look and feel, according to company officials.

Moliving Units allow hotels, cabins and resorts to adapt to ever-changing trends and traveler demand. For example, a beachside retreat in the northeast can go from 20 cabins in winter to 80 in summer. All inventory adjustments are handled transparently through Moliving Collection, a proprietary network in place to manage operations.

The very first hotel on wheels is slated to open this winter in Kingston, reports 6 square feet.

Below are photos and much more information about the very first hotel on wheels.

First-ever hotel room on wheels opens in the Hudson Valley

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