Former Windsor hotel squash courts to be transformed into children’s playground

The SQUASH grounds of a former Windsor hotel are to be converted into a children’s play area – this is just one of many plans submitted or determined by the Slough Borough Council or the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.

To view more details for each request, go to the respective council planning portal with the reference number attached.

The squash courts building will be converted into a children’s playground at De Vere Beaumont Estate, Burfield Road, Old Windsor, Windsor (20/03328 / SOLD OUT).

De Vere Beaumont Estate, which is a hotel, conference and event venue on the outskirts of Old Windsor, will see its squash courts building transformed into a children’s play area with a small cafe for hotel guests. ‘hotel.

A small one-story extension to the southwest will add an improved entrance and better access, and provide space to include a small cafe, with tableware service and installation, providing snacks and drinks for families to enjoy. activity center.

Domaine De Vere Beaumont

Since it became a hotel in 2008, it has attracted a much more diverse clientele, including families, wedding guests and event attendees. As such, the demand for these recreational facilities has declined dramatically as the building and outdoor courts are now unused.

Prior to the approval of these plans, the estate did not have any fully family-owned indoor facilities.

The conversion will feature bubble dome windows and a giant slide for the kids to enjoy.

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Clashes over the proposed construction of a café with terrace in the Green Belt west of Ferry Lane opposite Nos 36 and 38 Ferry Lane, Wraysbury, Staines (21/01278 / FULL).

Residents have been torn apart and have now rejected plans to build a cafe with an outdoor seating area in the Greenbelt.

The developers argued that the area “is in dire need” of coffee, which they say outweighs the damage to the greenbelt.

A petition, which several locals have signed, has been created to support the plans. However, a wave of nearby residents opposed the project.

Slough Observer: Ferry Lane, Wraysbury, StainesFerry Lane, Wraysbury, Staines

The high risk of flooding, increased traffic and the risk of the area being littered with cafe trash prompted residents to urge town planners to refuse the plans.

One resident wrote: “This development is unnecessary and would potentially lead to intolerable traffic jams in an area with an already unacceptable volume. There are currently 50 to 60 truck movements per hour entering and exiting the FCC site and any additional traffic would exacerbate an already dangerous situation at Hythe End Rd. And Feathers Lane. ”

Royal Borough planning officers agreed with opponents and turned down the project as they believed coffee did not outweigh the damage and the risk of flooding was too high.

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Demolition of the existing two-storey dwelling and construction of a two-storey dwelling to create two apartments at 80 Faraday Road, Slough (P / 12654/009).

A building permit was granted in 2007 for the conversion of an existing house into two apartments and the construction of an adjoining building with two other apartments.

However, during the construction phase, when carrying out work in the existing building, a substantial part of the structure collapsed, causing damage to some parts of the house.

For health and safety reasons, it was deemed necessary to erect a replacement two-story building to match the existing house.

Slough planning officers have given the green light to the new plans.

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