Grand Hotel Tremezzo of Lake Como

In the 1932 film, large hotel, Greta Garbo called Lake Como Grand Hotel Tremezzo “this sunny, happy place.” Ninety years later, the glittering resort, which overlooks Bellagio from the very heart of the matchless lake, still lives up to the compliment, and more.

Discerning travelers seeking an ultra-luxury getaway on the idyllic, achingly 56-square-mile lake will lack nothing here: from the hotel’s signature floating pool and private beach club, to its Art Nouveau interiors. colorful and chic and its five acres of impeccably maintained grounds. grounds, the whole experience immerses clients in The good life to his favorite. Having reopened on April 1, the great lady of nearly 112 years has unveiled new surprises for the 2022 season.

First on the list: a series of bespoke wellness escapes – including mountain hikes, wild swimming, personal training and yoga – complemented by a range of soothing therapies for the soul and soul. muscles. From sylvotherapy (an immersion in nature that often consists of touching or cuddling trees) to the grounds of exquisite sister property Villa Sola Cabiati, to a specialized heat experience in its world-class T Spa, which takes guests on a wellness journey through a myriad of temperatures – there’s something for even the most sophisticated spa aficionados. Other highlights include an invigorating lipolytic hammam ritual, a sleep ritual incorporating the natural soothing properties of local plants, and a selection of relaxing massages and facials using products from the renowned Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria. Novella of Florence.

Fashionistas and Italophiles alike will revel in the hotel’s recently unveiled “Sense of Moda” experiences, an extension of its chic online boutique, Sense of Lake, the brainchild of the hotel’s charismatic and visionary owner and CEO, Valentina De Santis. Designed to offer an exclusive insight into the inimitable tradition of unrivaled Italian craftsmanship, they offer customers the opportunity to meet the talented teams and families behind the boutique’s collection of accessories, fashion and homewares, which includes items exclusively designed for the hotel by brands like BRIC’S. , Back Label and FRS Itineraries, such as a visit to the Mantero Silk Factory in Como to create a personalized silk scarf, include a delicious dining experience and a special gift from Sense of Lake.

The hotel’s biggest seasonal surprise awaits you in June: the launch of Passalacqua, a former private villa dating from around 1787 that De Santis and his family have painstakingly transformed into a five-star, 24-suite, “once-in-a-century” hotel on the legendary shores of Lake Como. Judging by the rarefied status of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo as an enduring and endlessly innovative icon of Italian hospitality, its highly anticipated opening promises to cause a stir around the world.

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