Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare declares two new outbreaks of COVID-19

Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare on Wednesday declared two new outbreaks of COVID-19 in units in its Emara and Tayfour buildings.

To date, HDGH says 18 patients and 18 staff members have tested positive in the following outbreak units:

  • 3 North (Dr. Y. Emara Center for Healthy Aging and Mobility)
  • Rehab 3 (Tayfur Tower)
  • Rehab 4 (Tayfur Tower)
  • 2 South (Dr. Y. Emara Center for Healthy Aging and Mobility)

“Since the start of this pandemic, HDGH has taken decisive and immediate action in the face of the ever-changing dynamics of COVID-19 in our community,” reads a press release from the hospital. “The safety of our staff, our doctors, our visitors and our community as a whole is and will remain our top priority.”

The following outbreak measures have been put in place for outbreak units:

  • Provide therapy as needed in therapy rooms for patients who are asymptomatic and able to wear a surgical mask during their therapy
  • Students can continue to attend units and will also be provided with N95 masks and PPE as needed
  • N95 masks are required when providing patient care in an outbreak unit, along with constant hand washing and maintaining physical distancing.

Anyone with questions or concerns can submit a question online.

The hospital will provide further information as it becomes available.

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