John McAuliffe says goodbye to the Royal Hotel in Taree | Manning River Time

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FORMER owner of the Royal Hotel Taree, John McAuliffe, says the pub game has changed significantly during his time in the industry. “People once asked you how many kegs you made a week,” John said. “Now they ask you how many (poker) machines you have. Nobody cares about beer sales anymore.” John’s time at the Royal came to an end on Monday, with new owners taking over on Tuesday. came here in 2006,” he said. “Before, we rented a pub in Nowra from 1995 to 2005. We were looking for a pub all over the state and this turned out to be the best price and the best return.” He said it was “always a long-term plan” to stay at Taree. “But it’s not the same industry as when I started,” John continued. “Everything is now compliant. It’s very regulated… it’s pretty much a young man’s game now, you have to be computer savvy. It’s all very tedious with respect to games and alcohol “The days of sitting at the end of the bar drinking schooners with the boys are long gone. It’s definitely not as fun as it used to be. The whole thing,’ he agreed. While the pandemic has caused some issues, John said the Royal is moving smoothly. We’ve probably never traded better,” he revealed. “Even through COVID. Obviously, there have been a lot of government donations, both for customers and businesses. ” John admits the skyrocketing prices being paid for pubs at the moment in New South Wales are ‘ridiculous’. “Ads are not worth what they pay for,” he added. “But they are smart operators. I wish them the best of luck in Britain to be honest with you.” He said the business had been bought by a consortium led by Newcastle-based Nick Quinn. John revealed that the consortium had also bought Hotel Australia from Wingham.The group owns several hotels in the Newcastle-Maitland area.The poker machines, John admits, “don’t do the community too much service”. Taree Royal Hotel “But at the end of the day, the government makes them pay huge taxes. They are therefore happy to jump on the bandwagon. “And it’s very heavily regulated, with all the anti-gambling signs, the self-exclusion policies that you have to have. I can see the industry tightening up more and more on that. “I notice that in Melbourne, there is great pressure now to have these pre-commitment cards. I think it’s just a matter of when not if they come into New South Wales. “And there are also money laundering issues – who knows how much black money goes into a poker machine? They’ll give you a number, but no one really knows.” John enjoyed his time at the Royal.”I’ve met some great people – you always have your undesirables, but the good people far outweigh the assholes,” he pointed out. “I’ve made a lot of good friends here and I’ll stay certainly in contact with them. . It’s a good city for us.” John will return to Sydney to be closer to his children. “I’ve just started a roofing business and we’re just going to grow there. I don’t think I’m going to overwork myself, two or three days a fortnight will be enough for me,” he laughed. “That should bring me some money to drink. “If the market drops again, which is possible with rising rates, I could come back at another stage. Who knows?”


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