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Dame Maggie Smith has been stunned by a series of youthful snaps unearthed since the start of her acting career. Throughout her career, the acting legend, 87, has always impressed with her breathtaking looks and natural beauty and these incredible pictures show she hasn’t changed at all.

In the 1960s, Maggie made her theatrical debut at the National Theatre.

In a sultry snap taken around the same time, the star can be seen wide-eyed as she poses shyly with her hand resting on her face.

The following year, Maggie starred in a production of Shakespeare’s play Much Ado About Nothing, which saw her wearing a curly blonde wig and a tight corset.

Around the same time, the Downton Abbey actress was photographed in a polka dot strapless swimsuit that hugged her incredible curves.

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Along with making waves on stage, young Maggie also made her film debut in a series of leading roles.

In 1965, she starred alongside Australian actor Rod Taylor in the film Young Cassidy, which saw her sport her chestnut tresses in a long, wavy style.

Thirteen years later, she starred in the 1968 film, Hot Millions, in which she wore a skimpy negligee, showing off her incredible legs.

In 1973, the star still looked as young as she posed in her dressing room while getting ready for a performance while sick with the flu.

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