Man detained for August assault at Windsor Locks Hotel

May 10 – A man who listed his address as the Windsor Locks Hotel where he was a contract worker is held on $150,000 bond on charges that he pushed a hotel employee to the ground, then repeatedly stomped on his face – including twice after the man was unconscious.

Anthony Roye Brown, 31, whose address is listed as a room in the Spring Hill Suites at 225 Ella Grasso Turnpike, faces one count of first-degree assault in the August 10 incident in the hotel’s laundry room, which also serves as a rest room.

Brown also faces misdemeanor charges of second-degree threat, interfering with an emergency call, disorderly conduct and interfering with police in events surrounding the assault.


DEFENDANT: Anthony Roye Brown, 31, whose address is listed as a room in the Spring Hill Suites at 225 Ella Grasso Turnpike in Windsor Locks but had New York City ID, police say.

CHARGES: first degree assault, second degree threats, interfering with an emergency call, disorderly conduct, interfering with the police.

STATUS: Held on a $150,000 bond; next due June 1 in Hartford Superior Court.

The hotel manager who was on duty when the incident was reported at 4:07 p.m. on August 10 told police that Brown was intoxicated at the time of the assault. Local police officer John Bremser reported making the same observation when arresting Brown shortly after the incident.

Bremser wrote in his report that Brown “created a risk of death” for the victim, a 56-year-old man, and recklessly caused him “serious physical injury.”

Brown is charged under a section of Connecticut’s first-degree assault law that deals with intentionally causing serious bodily harm to a person “by means of a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument.” The dangerous instrument is believed to be the sneaker Brown was wearing when he was accused of stomping on the victim.

Asked about the victim’s current condition on Monday, prosecutor Vicki Melchiorre said she could not comment while the case was pending, adding that she did not say anything about it in open court.

Public defender Dana H. Sanetti, who represents Brown, could not be reached Monday afternoon.

When he arrived at the hotel, Bremser reported, he found the victim lying on his back, bleeding from the mouth and left ear, with “the imprint of a basketball sole on his nose.” .

Ambulance personnel at the scene deemed the victim’s head injuries serious enough to require immediate medical attention and took him to a medical facility, according to the officer, who later reported the following:

Video surveillance showed Brown pushing the victim, who fell backwards to the ground. Brown stomped on the victim’s face four times with his right foot, although video clearly shows the victim was unconscious after the third stomped, the officer said.

The hotel manager stepped between the two men and two other hotel employees entered the room. One of them provided a barrier between Brown and the victim that likely saved the victim’s life, according to the officer.

An employee told Brown she had called 911, and when the manager tried to make another such call on a cellphone, Brown slammed it.

Before leaving the room, Brown stomped on the victim’s face once more, the officer reported.

Bremser located Brown in the hotel parking lot. Brown was holding a pair of scissors and refused repeated orders from Bremser and other officers to drop them. Bremser used a Taser stun gun on Brown, and two other officers managed to handcuff him.

After being placed in a police car, Brown yelled at the hotel manager, “If I have to come back here, I’ll kill everyone,” the officer said, adding that the manager and other employees of the hotel hotel “were visibly upset by this statement”. .”

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