Mom shares hellish stay at ‘run down’ Royal Hotel in Britannia after finding dirty toilets


Single mom Nikki Sheeran, from Worthing, West Sussex, paid £ 850 to stay at Britainnia’s Royal Hotel in Scarborough, but found the experience anything but ‘royal’

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A mother described her hellish stay in a “run down” hotel after finding unsanitary feces in her bathroom.

Nikki Sheeran says she was shocked to find out she had spent £ 850 for a six-night stay in a ‘dingy’ damaged room at Britannia’s Royal Hotel in Scarborough.

She claims there was a hole in one of the walls, which she believes was caused by a punch, and even shards of glass outside her window, Yorkshire Live reports.

As if that weren’t enough, she and her teenage son Ollie also noticed that the milk from the self-service buffet had gone out on the last day, she claims.

The Royal Hotel was once the place to stay in Scarborough, overlooking the resort’s South Bay.

Guests at this once grandiose venue – opened in the 1830s – included Winston Churchill and poet Edith Sitwell.

Nikki and her son Ollie discovered the milk in the self-service buffet had gone out, she claims

Nikki Sheeran slammed Britannia’s Royal Hotel in Scarborough after her hellish stay

Sadly, Nikki and her son found out that the hotel – now owned by ‘UK’s worst hotel chain’ Britannia – was anything but ‘royal’ when they stayed in August 2019.

After a prolonged and stressful check-in, single mom Nikki and her son say they found their room to be little more than hotel trash cans.

And the depressing sight turned out to be the least of their problems.

Nikki said the room contained unflushed feces from the toilet and trash from the bathroom trash can on the nightstand.

The bathroom door handle was falling off

After complaining and another wait, Nikki and Ollie were offered another room – but they say it wasn’t much better.

Nikki, 58, of Worthing, West Sussex, said: “The window was open with Gideon’s Bible, there was a hole in the wall (which looked like someone had hit it) and the door to the bathroom did not fit the door frame, and the bathroom door handle was falling off …

“There was a gap of almost an inch where you could see whoever was sitting on the toilet from one of the beds. My son and I had to tell each other not to look out the door.”

Nikki, a teaching assistant, added: “Outside the window there was a parapet around the building, and there were shards of shattered glass where I presume a window had fallen, from old tissue boxes and an empty milk can that kept blowing around the whole time we were there. “

Nikki claims her stay was anything but “royal”

And while they were there, Nikki said “no attempt” had been made to clean their room. Instead, Nikki said, a bag of clean towels and toilet paper was left outside their door.

But according to an email from Britannia customer service: “I explained in person when I spoke to you that you may have displayed a ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the door rather than a ‘utility room’. , which would have meant that housekeeping would not have gone away. activate your room or disturb you. “

The email adds: “The ticket could have easily fallen out and another guest handed it the wrong way round.”

And it wasn’t just the room that Nikki and Ollie found unsanitary.

She even found that the foyer rug was held in place with duct tape.

Nikki said: “On the last day the milk was off in the self-service buffet so I couldn’t even have cereal.

“Due to the general dilapidation of the hotel, the lack of hygiene and the lack of care in the breakfast room, we did not dare to dine there.

“The lack of care and poor hygiene also meant that I did not allow my son to use the pool.”

She added: “From Scarborough we then went to York for a few days and stayed at the Premier Inn there. What a difference !

“It felt like luxury compared to the Royal. We should have stayed at the Premier Inn in Scarborough instead of the Royal, which was rubbish corn Royal.”

Britannia Hotels has been approached for comment by The Mirror.

The chain, which owns 56 hotels, was named worst for the eighth consecutive year in a Which? survey of 4,000 guests.

He came last on 25 major chains, scoring 37 out of 100.

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