Moxy Hotel Slough: Staff called police over violent man

A NORTHAMPTON man spent Christmas behind bars after beating his girlfriend in a hotel in a drink-fueled rage.

James Brown, formerly of St Andrews Road, was confronted by police after staff at the Moxy Hotel in Slough contacted officers over his partner’s welfare.

It came after CCTV footage showed Brown assaulting his partner in a hallway on Dec. 19.

The couple were staying at the hotel to visit Brown’s family for Christmas.

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They had a drink at the hotel bar, but Brown became aggressive when they returned to their room because a man had supposedly winked at the woman.

Here, Brown smashed bottles and pushed the woman to the ground and punched her in the face.

She left their room with a suitcase but Brown caught up with her and assaulted her again, banging her face against the wall and pushing her to the floor.

As she remained on the ground, Brown grabbed the woman’s suitcase and hit her with it.

Another struggle ensued before Brown began rummaging through the woman’s suitcase (which his defense attorney called an innocent act as he searched for a room key and bank card).

Hotel staff inquired about her injuries – which included a swollen eye, a sore shoulder and cuts to her face – but she said she caused them herself.

The next day, Brown was arrested by officers after hotel staff called the police on concerns about the woman’s well-being.

She did not help the police in their investigations. Brown was taken into custody after admitting to being assaulted at Reading Magistrates’ Court on December 21.

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Natasha Lake, prosecuting, said Brown has previous convictions, including for possession of an offensive weapon for which he was convicted in 2012.

He was also awaiting sentencing for causing criminal damage to the same woman’s car.

Mark Kimsey, defending, said Brown’s drinking and his “volatile relationship” with the victim were factors the court should keep in mind when considering his sentence.

“The reason we’re here is because Mr. Brown keeps knocking [the victim] in the face,” replied His Honor Justice Dugdale.

Mr Kimsey however hit back, telling the court that Brown was a ‘hardworking individual’ who is ‘respected by his family and friends’.

“He’s someone who, when not under the influence of alcohol, is a positive member of the community,” the defense attorney continued.

Judge Dugdale, who handed down the sentence, said CCTV of the incident played out in court should have “appalled” Brown.

He went on to explain to Brown why domestic abuse cases are handled so forcefully.

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The judge said, “Half [domestic abuse] the cases we deal with at Reading Crown Court are men who kill their partners.

“And the situations that give rise to this kind of problem are exactly what we just saw on CCTV.

“Two people coming together can create problems. It doesn’t really matter.

“The thing is, when you’re having trouble with her [the victim] you use physical violence against her.

“Nine times out of ten when people say they’re not good for each other, that might be true, but that’s about as often as the man ends up beating the woman.”

“Drinking may be a trigger for this kind of behavior – so don’t drink.

“When you’re at work, your employer thinks you’re exceptional.

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“But you’re a totally different person when you’re with a partner and you’ve had a lot to drink.”

Judge Dugdale summed up by saying that the offense was so serious that he could only impose an immediate prison sentence on Brown.

The 34-year-old was sentenced to 14 months in prison after being sentenced at Reading Crown Court on Wednesday March 2.

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