New Lofts, Retail and Boutique Hotel Proposed in Walkerville’s Distillery Square

Windsor, Ont. –

A development dubbed “Distillery Square” is currently underway in Walkerville, billed as “history turned into an urban lifestyle,” featuring loft-style condos, restaurants, retail, and even a boutique hotel.

“We’ve got Hiram Walker here, the Walkerville Brewery, we’ve got all the brewing history and distillery history that goes along with Windsor,” says Mike Brkovich, owner of the Hiram Walker cog buildings emblazoned with the name “Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd. Distillers” at the corner of Wyandotte Street and Argyle Road in Walkerville.

The two buildings on this property will soon be revitalized into a luxury condo and boutique hotel, says Brkovich, who partners with the Rosati Group for renovations and restorations of the historic buildings.

The rear structure will house the condominium, which will soon be “restored and transformed” into lofts, which will include “incredible” building amenities, says Brkovich.

The front building will house the boutique hotel, featuring 40 unique units for visitors to the area.

“If you don’t want a cookie-cutter experience, you’re going to walk into the boutique hotel here, check out the great restaurants here in Walkerville,” says Brkovich.

“Distillery Square will honor the legacy of success that began in 1858,” says a blurb on the website. “He will continue to write the story of community enrichment while preserving Walkerville’s distinct historical significance.

As part of the development, offices, restaurants and retail space will be available in the square, which is also working to create an increased street presence.

“When you walk around the neighborhood and see the great 100-year-old architecture, it really has a warmth and an attraction too,” he says.

Brkovich tells CTV Windsor that market conditions and real estate values ​​are what make developments possible – but he sees it more as a way to preserve pieces of the historic district.

“Walkerville has been doing well for 10 years, but together with the other properties we have put together, we believe this development will change Walkerville significantly, improve the number of residential units here,” he says.

“I think the Rosatis and I view it as a heritage project where we can preserve and protect a number of these important historic buildings and make a difference in our community.”

It is also closely tied to the city’s current district plans for the neighborhood, which include celebrating its distillation and prohibition past through public art, street design and the beautification of certain public spaces. .

Brkovich currently owns eight properties in the neighborhood and says master plans are in the works to see how they all fit into his vision.

He estimates that construction of the Hiram Walker buildings will begin within the next six months and could be completed in three to five years.

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