Pambula’s Royal Willows Hotel on display at Sydney Exhibition | Bega District News

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The Royal Willows Hotel in Pambula is featured in a National Trust exhibit titled “No Time to Waste” at the National Trust Center, Millers Point, Sydney. In 1962 Dame Helen Frances Blaxland (1907-1989), an ecologist and member of the National Trust (NSW) board, started an exhibition of Max Dupain’s photographs of Australia’s first public buildings and houses. The National Trust said then, like today, there was no time to waste on our heritage. “As the Trust prepares to mark the 60th anniversary of this historic exhibition in 2022, thanks to the hard work of our volunteers, we are presenting – a first look – of twenty images in the Annie Wyatt Room,” the organization said. “This is not an end but a beginning – the tiny tip of an iceberg. Now is the time to come together to call for better results for a more beautiful, layered and complex future; one that is linked to our past , not built on it, “the National Trust said.” Our cities and forests have evolved over the years, but can be destroyed almost in an instant. This exhibition of images invites us to take the time to understand and appreciate our heritage – the importance of respect, of community, the value of our past – not just towards the past but towards the present and towards our future. Instead of jumping for the loudest voice or the biggest wallet, we need to consider our responsibilities individually and collectively to our heritage and the planet, ”the National Trust said. The Royal Willows Hotel photo and words contain an explanation of the hotel’s history: “Built in 1885, under license 1886, the Royal Willows has been a staple of Pambula streetscape for 130 years and has played a major role as a gathering place and backdrop for the events that have shaped the neighborhood. Despite community requests dating back to 2013, the Bega Valley Shire council has rejected the heritage list and is considering development approval for replace the existing building with a supermarket. This proposal concerns hundreds of similar buildings – modest yet important to local communities. Easily able to adapt and continue to serve the community, buildings like this must be reconsidered as unique elements of our rural and urban identities. ”The National Trust’s“ No Time to Spare ”exhibit runs until March 31.


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