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Why book the Park Hotel Kenmare?
Sitting well in a bay backed by a mountain in County Kerry, this gray brick grand dame can rightly claim one of the most spectacular places in the country. The service, under the direction of TJ Mulcahy (ex Ashford Castle), is charming but anything but rigid, and there’s also a stylish spa with a gorgeous outdoor pool surrounded by oak trees for a double-dip forest dip.

Why now?
Who wouldn’t want to experience an updated classic? The June 2020 reopening (after its extensive € 1million ground floor renovation) was a highlight of the Ireland summer vacation. London designer Bryan O’Sullivan from London recently transformed dark old school public spaces with his decor styles in the new bars of Claridge’s and Connaught.

What is this place?
Opened in 1897, it was an overnight stopover for wealthy travelers arriving by train from Dublin en route to summer at Parknasilla, along the bay. Now the latter is a hotel known for its family bells and whistles (and as the main location for comedy film Lobster), and the park is one of Ireland’s smartest stays.

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