The Humber Royal Hotel becomes owner after deal for top location in Grimsby


The Humber Royal Hotel in Grimsby was bought out, nine months after it went on the market.

A deal was made for the 58-room hotel – with no intended change of use as the buyer is already in the business.

They have yet to be revealed as they rushed for the five-story property located on 2.7 acres next to the Grimsby Golf Club.

Colliers’ lead surveyor Robert Smithson said the site’s substantial size and location in a predominantly residential area has attracted interest from a variety of potential buyers.

“The Humber Royal’s prime location meant that it was of interest not only to hoteliers but also to residential developers and developers of facilities such as nursing homes,” he said.

“However, it will now continue to be run as a hotel under the management of the new owner, who is an experienced hotelier.

Humber Royal Hotel in Grimsby

“Given its impressive range of reception suites and bar facilities, it will no doubt continue to attract the trade of local businesses as well as the trade in events such as weddings.”

It was released to the market in November on behalf of investment firm Downing LLP in a year when the pandemic wreaked havoc on the hospitality industry.

A new management company had been set up a few months earlier.

The hotel, which has five conference and meeting rooms, an open-plan lounge bar and a restaurant overlooking the golf course, had been rescued from administration in 2010 by Icon Hotels Ltd, with a £ 1.75million overhaul completed on what used to be the Elizabeth Hotel.

It comes after the Humber Bridge Country Hotel in Barton closed after being placed in receivership. Formerly known as The Reeds Hotel, it was inundated in 2013 by an abnormal tidal wave and never returned to profitability, changing hands in 2020.

A new buyer is looking to develop a caravan park there.

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