The Ultimate BC Staycation Guide: A Victoria Hotel for All Types of Design Lovers

A stay for the classicist, modernist and mid-century

Everyone knows Victoria’s historic side and, if you ever forget it, the classic flanking Empress and Legislature headlights (both the work of Samuel Maclure) are always there to remind you. But with a little exploration, the creative visitor can find accommodation to suit any architectural style.

The classicist

Ok, there is the Empress, that’s a fact. And that’s great (and often at the cost of greatness). But if the Grand Old Dame isn’t in the cards, might we suggest The Inn at the Union Club, the Kitten’s Corner accommodation which arguably has more history – the adjoining club has seen power brokers guide British Columbia politics for decades – and also a quirky, charming patina (the pool hall, for example) that you don’t get in a big chain.

Hotel Zed 2

mid century

It is the architectural style of the people, and there is no more open to all than the hotel for bikers. Fortunately, the Hotel Zed team knows how to transform the expected into unexpected moments: bright colours, free bikes, table tennis!

laurel tip

The modernist

The legendary Arthur Erickson has designed only one hotel in his illustrious career, and it’s The Inn at Laurel Point, a masterpiece perfectly situated facing the Pacific. Be sure to request a room in the Erickson Wing…that way, you’ll be rewarded with Japanese-influenced rooms and sweeping hallways dotted with art exhibits, just as Erickson had meticulously planned.

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